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Using Russian Audio Books for Learning Russian

Where do you get time to learn Russian? Do you take hours off your sleep? What do you need it for? Every time they ask me any of these questions I wonder why people don't prefer to learn another language rather than use their free time watching TV shows. In fact, you can continue to see but in the language you want to learn.

This is one of the tips for learning Russian if in addition to fulfilling your work and homework tasks, you also want to learn another language. To learn to speak Russian you would need at least 2-3 hours of practice every other day. As a student, I recommend that you organize your schedule first. Here's one more organization tip because you need to evaluate the amount of time you can spend each day studying. If you realize you don't have free slots in your busy schedule, don't rush to start learning a new language this month. You can read seven other guides on how to learn Russian fast, but you probably won't find a solution for everything. When learning a language you have to focus more on quality than speed. Be realistic and understand that after your first class you will need to find additional time to do your tasks and other activities such as listening to Russian, increasing your vocabulary, etc. Doing it all quickly and running will make it not make much sense.

audiobooks in russian

The best way to learn Russian is to frequently listen to short Russian and exercises like completing the spaces, saying if it's true or false, answering questions and finally trying to say what was heard again. If you're going to do the latter, I recommend that you don't focus on new words in the context at first. Always annotate by typing some specific details (e.g. places, years, age, etc.), then answer a series of common questions: who, what, where, why, when, etc.? Conclude by listening to the audio again, translating and writing those words you don't know that have helped you understand the meaning of the key points. Remember that you can't learn all the words of Russian with a single audio.

For Russian, you can always ask your teacher to make some recommendations for choosing Russian based on your skills and level of fluency. You can also use this list of resources I've used to learn Russian on my own.

At you'll find all audiobooks in Russian, cartoons and electronic versions of books. Huge library of children's audiobooks. Audiobooks in Russian are a great solution for modern parents. You don’t always have the strength to read books to your child, but this is very important. Our solution at such moments is children's audio books. An excellent option is to listen to a book, and then tell your child in your own words. Believe me, he will be much more interesting, and such moments will be remembered by him for life.

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