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Panties & Underwear for Women

To think that no one is going to notice your underwear is probably the worst mistake of all, especially if you don't choose it correctly.

We have long since left behind the times when it was possible to have The Perfect Garment. From one moment to the next, fashion became a matter of sideboards and moved a little away from its artisanal character to begin mass production. This industrialization, in addition to perfection and style, deprived us of materials that gave shape and durability to certain garments of common use such as sacks. Today, both shops and tailors have chosen to use linings that barely fulfill the function of.

Something similar happens with underwear, although beyond materials, the real problem with these pieces is the way they conform—or at least attempt—to each person's body. Although it has been made in other fashion grounds, most lingerie brands rarely bet on "different" models than they normally hire to pose with their garments. This obviously causes girls to think, in the wrong way, that they can adapt absolutely to any type of body, at the end of the day who will write it down?

As the basis of any outfit, the underwear must fit perfectly to the body of each person to avoid generating curves or folds that distort the figure. innerwear That is why learning to distinguish the garments that best fit each body type becomes a matter of good taste and comfort in different ways.

Think about which garments you'll combine with your underwear
Especially for the lower part, this is as important as the shape or size. If you don't think about this before you buy, you may be making the biggest mistake of your life. Keep in mind what type and color of pants you're going to wear, as well as the tops and tops that dominate your wardrobe. If most of your garments are clear, you may want to buy underwear in discrete colors to avoid uncomfortable transparencies; remember that if you use whites on whites you can also enhance the color; for these cases it is better to opt for a nude tone.

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