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Nurse Aide Training for CNA Certification

What are the requirements to become a CNA in California?

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Patient care technicians play an important role in the medical field. They provide assistant to patients in nursing homes, hospitals, and medical offices. Patient care technicians often serve as a means of communication between the patient and the doctor and will spend most of their time with patients. They are responsible for controlling pulse, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature.
What responsibilities do patient care technicians have?

When starting in the patient care technology program, studentscan expect to have their training complete in eight months to a year depending on the student's dedication. Patient care technicians spend most of their time working individually with patients in hospitals, blood banks, nursing homes, and other health care facilities. They must receive in-service training and certifications in the following:

• Domestic violence
• Osha
• Infection control and universal precautions
• Understanding Alzheimer's disease
• assistant with training in self-administered medicines and CPR

Once students have completed the program, they will have the skills and hands-on experience needed to enter an entry-level position in the chosen career.

Online CNA Nurse Assistant Certification Training Program California
Best American Healthcare University offers online CNA certification training classes.

Train from anywhere in California. Complete the 60 hour theory online and complete the 100 clinical hours in person. Why choose the Best American Online nurse assistant program?

1. Commute is reduced since theory classes are completed online. 2. Online live instructor is available for students. 3. Online platform is phone-friendly. No computer required.

4. So much virtual demonstrations that prepares student for in-person demonstration. This program is state approved. Remember certification only comes after the student successfully passes the state exam.

You only need your phone for the online class and a google chrome browser. A computer is great, but not necessarily needed. Why wait? Register now at

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