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NGOs working for environment in india

Whatis an NGO? Environmental NGOs in India are acronyms for Non-Governmental Organization. After this generic name, all entities that meet these three conditions are grouped:

Environmental NGOs in India

• They serve social and Environmental purposes.
• They are not for profit, that is, they do not seek to make money from their work.
• They are independent of the public administration

As you can see the concept of Environmental NGOs in India is broad, as it can cover different types of bodies with different legal forms (association, foundation, cooperative...) as long as they meet these three requirements.

Although Environmental NGOs in India have existed since about the 19th century, although it was not until 1945 that they were officially recognized by Article 71 of the Charter of the United Nations. The article recognized its importance and defined an NGO as a group of voluntary, non-profit citizens who are organized at a local, national or international level to address public welfare issues.

What is the role of an NGO?
There are many NGGs around the world, some internationally or nationally and others with much more localized action. Among the most outstanding we can find red cross (founded in 1863, one of the oldest), Save the Children, Doctors of the World or International Plan.

Each NGO supports one or more causes, such as the defence of human rights or the right to health. To achieve their ends they rely on awareness-raising and citizenship information.
Environmental NGOs in India play an important social role as advocates for social, and environmental causes. However, they do not seek under any circumstances to replace the action of States or International Organizations, but to complement their work or assist in those areas where they consider it necessary. Sometimes they perform their function in extremely difficult conditions, such as when they have to go to countries at war or where living conditions are very harsh.

How are NGEs funded?
In order to carry out their work, Environmental NGOs in India need money, and to achieve this they resort to citizen collaboration, both with partners who give money periodically and with beach donation campaigns (for example, when there is a Environmental catastrophe and urgent assistance is needed). Therefore, the main means of financing an NGO is the solidarity of the people.

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