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Best Cotton Underwear For Women In Every Style 2021

Show your good taste in undersides with trendy underwear. Looking for hot lingerie for winter? So soft organic cotton pajamas is just what you need. As an alternative to winter pajamas, a long-sleeved nightgown or long pants are also good options. In summer, the combination of T-shirt and shorts is a must. If you have an exciting night on the program, a great selection of pretty night lingerie awaits you with sexy lace. A silk shirt or babydoll with mesh will highlight the curves of each silhouette.

Nightgown or pajamas?
Do women who prefer dresses also prefer to wear nightgowns? Do pajamas appeal more to women who prefer to wear pants? That the preferences for night and top lingerie are similar is just a guess. In any case, the field of possibilities is fully opento you. Nightgowns, like pajamas, can sometimes be sober, sometimes sexy. The difference is only because of your sleep habits. Do you need legroom? Are you cold without pajama pants? Alternate with the seasons and your desires, between the light nightgown and the trendy pajamas that keeps warm. Or vice versa.

Cold-footed remedies: in addition to lingerie, we also offer cozy socks.
Chic and comfortable: bathrobes
After a soothing bath, you can prolong this pleasant feeling of relaxation by wrapping yourself in comfortable clothes. Nothing lends itself better than a cozy microfibre bathrobe. If you can take your time in the morning and want to start with a hearty breakfast, put on a lightweight kimono-style dressing gown over your silk nightgown. In this outfit, you can even open the door to the delivery man without worry.

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How best to maintain your feminine lingerie?

Clothes as intimate as underwear and lingerie require special maintenance, so you can enjoy them for a long time. Since women's lingerie is generally made of lace and high-quality blends of materials, bras, shirts and other silky lingerie deserve smooth maintenance.

1. See the maintenance instructions on the label to find out which underwear and pieces of night lingerie can go to the washing machine and which ones you will need to wash by hand.
2. For underwear that can go to the machine, follow the instructions and use a soft laundry and above all, a clothesnet.
3. Wash by hand in lukewarm water with soft laundry, stir in water and soak for a few minutes. Rinse and gently wring the piece without twisting it!
4. Lingerie and lingerie at night should not go to the tumble dryer,it wears fibers.
Beautiful underwear and night lingerie pieces for all tastes
With's underwear and lingerie pieces, you're always well dressed up and down. For 10 years, we have been making high-quality fashion available in stores in more than 40 countries around the world. It is the result of our experience in casual cuts, durable quality and care. Our sustainable collections are made from organic cotton from ecological agriculture and recyclable materials. Each item will be delivered to you quickly and in a climate-neutral manner.

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